New national search portal for academic libraries
Since 7 December 2020 the new research portal swisscovery is online. 475 university libraries are connected to it. The previous library networks and catalogues swissbib and IDS Basel Bern have been replaced.

New user registration
Members of the MAB and FHNW register directly with SLSP. They can transfer their personal data to SWITCH edu via AAI.

For all others the registration is to be completed in two steps. The first requirement is a SWITCH edu-ID. In order to access the catalogue and the services connected to it, one needs to register with swisscovery.

For this purpose, the privacy policy must be agreed to. Existing library user cards, FH- or Uni-Cards can still be used. New user cards can be obtained at all libraries.

In case of problems, especially for users without an e-mail account, the main library of the University of Basel can be contacted:
Tel. +41 61 207 31 00 ; info-ub@unibas.notexisting@nodomain.comch

Interlibrary loan
For loans from other libraries, use either the local Basel courier service or the SLSP courier, which services all academic libraries throughout Switzerland. Orders can be placed directly in swisscovery. Orders from Basel courier are free, all other orders cost CHF 6.00 per medium. The delivery time for items ordered via the SLSP Courier will be 48 hours. Furthermore, interlibrary loans can be processed via the main library of the University of Basel.

Data protection
For reasons of data protection, user data is not migrated to swisscovery. With the registration on SWITCH edu, personal data (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address) will be automatically transferred to swisscovery. You can update your personal information in your SWITCH edu-ID at any time. Library-specific data such as loans, orders and fees will be recorded directly in swisscovery.

Loans are regularly anonymized and accounts in swisscovery will be deleted after 10 years of inactivity.

For more information on data protection, refer to the SLSP website.