Direction, Staff and Services


Prof. Thomas Thüring Head of the Institute of Classical Music
Melinda Maul Head of MA Musical Performance instrumental/vocal, MA SP Solo Performance, MA SP Chamber Music
Prof. Kathrin Williner Head of BA in Music
Prof. Katrin Rohlfs Head of BA ein Music and Movement & MA Music Pedagogy in Music and Movement
Prof. Beat Hofstetter Head of BA and MA in Music in Schools I and II, MA SP Choral Conducting and Wind Orchestra Conducting, Head of Further Education
Prof. Annekatrin Klein Head of MA Music Pegagogy instrumental/vocal
Prof. Uli Fussenegger

Head and coordination Contemporary Music/sonic space basel (MA SP Open Creation, MA SP Contemporary Music, MA/MA SP Composition/Music Theory and MA in Audiodesign)

Carl Wolf  
Lilian Wiesner Secretariat & Assistant to the Director
Meike Olbrich Assistant to the Director & Project management
Martina Pratsch Management/Coordination/Student Exchange
Cristina Steinle Communication Institute of Classical Music



Dr. Michael Kunkel Head of Research
Dr. Christoph Moor Scientific collaboration
Focus on research management
Irena Müller-Brozovic Scientific Collaboration SNF-Project Music & Migration
Focus on music pedagogical research
Thomas Resch Scientific collaboration
Focus communication man & machine
Prof. Michel Roth Scientific collaboration
Focus on new music instrumentation
Felicitas Erb Coordination, public relations and scientific assistance  
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Student Administration and Reception

Susanne Boegli Room 6-001, phone: +41 61 264 57 32
Doris Kron-Manhart  
Lea Schnelle  
Daibelis Widmer  
Wenda Zeller  
Claudia Meury Phone: +41 61 264 57 57
Ursula Pfirter