Every donation counts!

The 'Stiftung zur Foerderung der Musik-Akademie Basel' accepts contributions, including donations, gifts and legacies, as well as project-specific funding and other forms of financial assistance like scholarships, and ensures that they are used for their designated purpose. Thanks to these charitable contributions, the Academy is able to fund initiatives and activities that cannot be financed through the main budget: scholarships, special support and development projects, purchase of instruments, and building projects.

If you would like to support our work and know exactly how and what activity or project you wish to support, please contact the Director or the Chief Administrator of Musik-Akademie Basel.

Stephan Schmidt, Director Musik-Akademie Basel
T +41 61 264 57 61 | E Mail

Waltraud Parisot, Chief Administrator Musik-Akademie Basel
T +41 61 264 57 82 | E Mail