Board Musik-Akademie Basel

Thomas Christ President
Prof. Dr. iur., LL.M. Ramon Mabillard Vicepresident | GGG
Stefan Beltinger PV
Dr. Ariane Bürgin mbs
Nadia Guth Biasini BS
Christoph Hächler GGG
Salomé Im Hof BS
Waltraud Parisot


Prof. Stephan Schmidt mbs
Silvia Schweizer RIE
Prof. Luca Selva GGG
Egidius Streiff PV
Dr. Heinrich A. Vischer GGG
Carl Wolf PV

GGG = GGG delegate
BS = Delegate of the Canton of Basel-Stadt government
PV = Staff representative (advisory capacity)
RIE = Delegate of the municipality of Riehen
mbs = advisory capacity

Management team

Prof Stephan Schmidt Director Musik-Akademie Basel/FHNW Academy of Music
Nicole Malzacher Assistant to the Director
Waltraud Parisot Chief Administrator Musik-Akademie Basel
Thomas Waldner Head Basel Music School
nn Head Institute of Development and Continuing Education
Kelly Landerkin Chairperson Schola Cantorum Basiliensis
Christina Hess

Head Music School, Schola Cantorum Basiliensis

Thomas Thuering Head Academy of Music, Classic
Susanne Abbuehl Head Academy of Music, Jazz
André Weishaupt Head of Services, FHNW Academy of Music
Jane Haller Head of Digital Strategy and Projects
Nicole Eugster

Head Higher Education Development, advisor to the Director

Nadja Sele Head HR and Diversity Office
Sibille Stocker Head Communications
Barbara Rufer Events secretariat


Events secretariat

The Musik-Akademie Basel is a major part of the city of Basel's vibrant cultural scene, hosting over 1,000 concerts every year. The events secretariat handles all events-related enquiries.

Contact: Barbara Rufer
T +41 61 264 57 62

Diversity and Equality

The Musik-Akademie Basel respects the diversity of its pupils, students and staff, and considers it as a valuable asset and opportunity.

Diversity is a core value of our institution. The Musik-Akademie Basel/FHNW Academy of Music is committed to helping its pupils, students and staff reach their full potential by understanding and recognising their different talents, lived experiences, heritage and life stories.

Contact: Nadja Sele
T +41 61 264 57 06

Staff representation

The Musik-Akademie Basel promotes a culture of mutual respect. It encourages and values the voice and input of all its employees. Members of staff in all our institutes, as well as administrative, non-professorial and technical services staff have a designated spokesperson who represents their interests.

Administration/Non-professorial staff/Technical Services, FHNW Academy of Music
Birgit Leber
T +41 61 264 57 46 | Mail

Administration and Technical Services, MAB

Music School, MAB
Benedikt Mattmüller
T +41 61 311 64 33 | Mail
Egidius Streiff, staff representative on MAB Board
T +41 61 322 11 68 | E Mail

FHNW Academy of Music, Classic
Regula Konrad
T +41 62 827 13 15 | Mail
Carl Wolf, Co-chair MOM Committee, staff representative on MAB Board                
T +41 79 718 81 37 | Mail

Schola Cantorum Basiliensis/SCB Music School
Katharina Arfken, Co-chair MOM Committee
T +41 61 833 04 66 | Mail
Stefan Beltinger, staff representative on MAB Board,
Chair MAB Forum
T +41 61 601 25 71 | Mail

FHNW Academy of Music, Jazz
Urs Wiesner
T +41 79 335 39 60 | Mail

Please send general enquiries about staff representation to this email address.
FHNW Academy of Music employees can find more information on the FHNW staff participation committee (MOM) here.


We believe in music for all. This is why we are committed to doing everything we possibly can to offer people with disabilities barrier-free access.

Visitors with mobility impairments can access all MAB auditoria via the cafeteria entrance on Leonhardsstrasse. The 'Kleiner Saal' is accessible via the courtyard.
All lessons in which people with disabilities are enrolled are held in accessible classrooms.