The Art of the String Multiphonic - Lectures

The Art of the String Multiphonic - Lectures

The latest research into multiphonics for cello, guitar, harp, and piano will be presented in workshops, lectures, and
a concert.

Topics include technical tips, notation, practical concerns, musical applications, and the theoretical basis, with hands-on inputs from composition and perfor- mance students.

28.01.2022 Campus der Musik-Akademie Basel Grosser Saal


14:00 Ellen Fallowfield 'Cello Multiphonics: Technical and Musical Parameters'
14:30 Marc Sabat and Thomas Nicholson 'Farey Sequences Map Playable Nodes on a String'
15:00 Thomas Ciszak & Seth Josel 'Of Neon Light: Multiphonic Aggregates on the Electric Guitar'
15:30 Sanae Yoshida 'The Microtonal Piano and the Tuned-In Interpreter'
16:00 Gunnhildur Einarsdottir 'Multiphonics on the Harp: Initial Observations'
16:30 Caspar Johannes Walter 'Multiphonics on Vibrating Strings'