Coworking Space

The Coworking Space offers a group work table, a lounge, an e-piano and computer workstations for free use. Software for video and audio post-production, notation, music composition and production, design, digitisation and microfilm reading are available. Login is via personal MAB or FHNW account. Additional headphones can be borrowed from the info desk, keyboards and record players are available on site.

An overview of the programmes available on Mac and PC:

  •     Adobe Creative Cloud
  •     Audacity
  •     Cakewalk (only on PC)
  •     DaVinci Resolve
  •     Dorico
  •     Finale
  •     GarageBand (only on Mac)
  •     Microfilm (only on PC)
  •     MuseScore
  •     Reaper
  •     Sibelius

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